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Visiting the network place or using material from these web pages, you are certified that you agree and accept the following general terms and conditions. Request mark the tour and the further use of present network place involve unconditional acceptance and your consent with them.
Who we are: AGGELOPOULOS SANITARY WARE S.A., VAT 092867969, our seat Palamidiou 28 Piraeus 18543, Tel: +302104206450
The products that are contained in our website are indicative! Exists moreover abundance of products that we can supply to you. Ask us for alternative products and availability.
If you cannot find what you search, you ask us for find it! As enterprise with deep knowledge and big experience we have this possibility.
Probably exist at periods differences in colours, forms, company of import etc, but always keep the level of quality. 
If you found a product in better price elsewhere, you ask us if we can offer to you and in the lower price (indicating of course from where you found and the analytic description of product). 
Terms of use

The AGGELOPOULOS SANITARY WARE S.A. overwhelms each possible effort for the good operation of web place, it does not guarantee however that the operations of web place or servers will be continuous or without no type fault, exempted from viruses or other similar elements. Also it does not bring responsibility for any chance technical problems that any chance are presented in the users in the access of present network place and at the duration of tour that has relation with the compatibility of operation of their own infrastructure.

The present network place includes references (links) in network places third person which are not checked by the AGGELOPOULOS SANITARY WARE S.A. and it is not accountable in no case for the content of this pages as well as for any damage
from their use, while the visitor has access in them with his own responsibility. 

Terms of transactions
The AGGELOPOULOS SANITARY WARE S.A. maintains the right modify or renew the terms and the conditions of transactions, that become via electronic shop, according to it needs and the exchange morals.

It undertakes the obligation to inform the present text on any change or addition in the terms, through the web page of present electronic shop. It is clarified that the change of terms does not include orders which already you have made.
Attention: When you dispatch a order via our e-shop, automatically you accept that you commit yourselves in payment of this sum. That is to say, the MARKET INVOLVES OBLIGATION of PAYMENT. is not accountable against the customers of/users for damage that by any chance results from the non-fulfilment of their order. Also it is held as for per year delivery of merchandises in the cases of superior violence. Finally, none guarantee can provide for the availability of products, but it is able to inform the final consumers for their not availability. 

Provided information and Products
The AGGELOPOULOS SANITARY WARE S.A. has overwhelm each possible effort to portray with the bigger possible precision the products that it allocates with the projection of photographs and information that is mentioned in the web page However, the present network place contains probably faults technical or of the press errors, that cannot be forecasted or have resulted involuntarily or because interruptions of operation of web page from reasons of superior violence.

 The AGGELOPOULOS SANITARY WARE S.A. does not bring responsibility for statement wrong or innacurate elements that concern her merchandises of suppliers. The relative responsibility of description of merchandises burdens exclusively their suppliers.
In any case the appearance and report to users of web page should not at no way be considered as transfer or cession of authorisation or right of use for other aim except their personal briefing.
Still, the department of sales and the personnel of AGGELOPOULOS SANITARY WARE S.A. have attended for as long as possible more precise study and recording of information that includes occasionally in, as well as the actualisation of this material.
Policy of prices
The quoted prices of products for the visitors of web page are final (is included the VAT), are recommended by and are competitive the prices of similar products of relative market inside the Greek Territory.

In the all permanent merchandises is offered the guarantee of constructor. If, you realise a purchase, you have any query with regard to the product or the time offered guarantee you can be addressed in the Department of Service of Customers of (tel: +302106628570).