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solders & solder cleaning

solders & solder cleaning
100% WATERSAFE -Kollisi for Copper Top quality and strength soft solder for all applications in copper potable water systems, water supply - heating - cooling and other electronic and industrial applications. Ideal for systems with high temperatures. Welds copper, brass, bronze, galvanized iron..
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95/5 CANFIELD - Soldering for Copper 95/5 Soft solder without Cadmium & Lead - virgin tin 95% and 5% antimony. Completely safe for copper welding hydraulic - cooling - heating, electronic and industrial applications. Welds copper, brass, bronze. NOT CONTAIN: cadmium, lead, nickel, arseni..
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MOLYVDOKOLLISI CANFIELD From pure alloy of 35% tin and 65% lead. Available in bars (each kilo has 4 bars). Contains no harmful oxides  ..
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DUCK BUTTER Special lubricant for easy and quick connect fittings and pipe with a rubber or plastic ring, in drinking water networks, water supply, sewerage. Water soluble. Non toxic. It contains no petroleum. It does not develop bacteria. Applied on dry and wet surfaces. Functioni..
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Yfasmatini frictional film for sanding and preparing pipes and fittings before welding. Suitable for copper, brass and other non ferrous or plastic materials. Is used over and on wet surfaces, easy to clean with water and reused. The grid is of aluminum oxide (180 grit), impregnated with a ..
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Higher quality (AAA) frictional pads ('' steel wool ''), ideal for sanding and cleaning copper tube before welding, and other surfaces. With reinforced nylon weave with no lint and resistant to wear. Impregnated with special resin from aluminum oxide. Washable and can be reused..
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CONTAINS: SILVER 0% - Phosphorus 7.25% - Balance Copper. Bonds copper to copper without flux. In welds with brass or bronze required brazing flux. For applications in plumbing, refrigeration, air conditioning and electrical copper conductors. Melting Temperature: 710 C Flow Point: 802 C..
Ex Tax:31.45€
JEL-FLUX - Cleanser copper Top quality deoxidizing cleaner suitable for all soft solder copper, brass, zinc. Prepares surfaces for quick, clean and safe welding. It is not toxic, contains no lead, no drips, poured. It penetrates and permeates even very thin fat film. Cleanses and puri..
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SOLDER 60 - Soldering for Copper 60/40 Safe for copper pipes in plumbing - heating - cooling and industrial applications. Not recommended for drinking water networks, because it contains lead, but who gives "better flow" during welding. Contains 60% tin and 40% lead. It has a buil..
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soldering CANFIELD From pure tin 99.9%. Available in bars (each kilogram has a rod)...
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SOFT ALOUMINOKOLLISI UNI 4300 Welded with low temperature copper-copper, copper - aluminum, aluminum - aluminum, anodized aluminum, steel, brass, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, in refrigeration, air conditioners, metal sheets, construction and organ repair, zinc alloys and compounds dissimilar met..
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SOFT silver soldered UNIBRITE-UNI 1450A Welding flux in the core. Bonds, low temperature, copper, brass, "nickel", stainless steel, such as stainless steel tanks, sinks, pipes, electrical appliances, surgical and optical tools, jewelry. Provides strong adhesion, with shiny finish. ..
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