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General terms of protection of personal data
The AGGELOPOULOS SANITARY WARE S.A. safeguards the personal character of your elements and it is not able it transmits  in anyone third (individual or legal) for no reason with the exception of relative provisions of law and to the responsible and only beginnings. maintains files with the personal elements, which dispatches the visitor/user exclusively for reasons of communication, economic, advertising and tax. The visitor/user can communicate with the responsible department so that he crosses the existence of his personal file, the correction of this, his change or his deletion.

 Visitors/users of that are minors can have access in the services of network place only with the consent of their parents and they do not have obligation to submit their personal elements. In the event submission of elements from minors it will erase possible shorter the relative information.

 The AGGELOPOULOS SANITARY WARE S.A. and more specifically the department of sales of it is possible to process department or the total of elements that you have dispatched for reasons statisticians, economic and improvement of provided services of - his information. will not make abuse of possibility of communicating with the users in their electronic or postal address or via the telephone for reasons of promotion of new products and services or briefing for offers. At the same time is given per passes moment in the users the possibility of interruption of reception of such messages. 
IP Addresses
The address IP via which the PC has access in Internet, and afterwards, in is developed exclusively for the collection of statistical elements.
Personal Data applying precisely the beginnings of protection of personal data, that are forecasted by the International and European right that regulates subjects with regard to the electronic trade (Directive 2000/31/EK, PD 131/2003) as well as from the Law for protection of consumers (Law 2251/1994) that regulates subjects with regard to the sales from distance and the relative provisions of Greek law (Law 2472/1997) on the protection of individual and the protection of data of personal character as has been supplemented with the decisions of Chairman of Committee of Protection of Personal Data, the P.D. 207/1998, 79/2000, the article of 8 Law 2819/2000 and European right with directives 95/46/EK and 97/66/EK, declare explicitly that it is not to proceed in any illicit use of your personal data and with no way it does not reveal, it publicises, it sells, it lets or exchanges your personal elements and the information that you submit to any third part. 
Responsibilities for the users of
The users of web page accept that they will not use the electronic shop of PANEMPORIKI PIREOS S.A. for publication, send with e-mail or transmission with other ways any content, damaging, annoying, threatening, offensive, slanderous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar that constitute violation the confidential some other, show bitterness, or express racial, national or other discriminations, are able it causes damage in minors with any way and 
it is eligible it is transmitted according to the legislation or the conventional or administrative relations (as internal information, property and confidential information that was acquired or revealed as part of labour relations or that is covered in agreements of confidentiality).
Still it does not force any license, commercial signal, commercial secret, intellectual rights or other property rights third person, that contain viruses of software or any other codes, files or programs, that have been drawn aiming at the challenge of damage, the destruction or the equipment of operation of any software or material of computers. Neither wanted or unintentionally can violate the being in effect Greek and Community legislation of also provisions of this. It is not able by all means harasses third and means for collection or storage of personal data with regard to other users making use the present web page.
With the submission of material in server that is entertained, you agree that the material does not contain elements not true, illegally or any way inadequately for use and publication.