professional mops

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professional mop 400gr white 75cm 70% -80% cotton and 10% polyester 20% other fibers of about 10%..
3.93€ Ex Tax: 3.17€
pole aluminum handpiece and hole length 1,35cm fits professional mops..
3.53€ Ex Tax: 2.85€
mop from high quality materials composition / 80% cotton and 20% acrylic weight 400gr ni..
3.53€ Ex Tax: 2.85€
mop of thick 275gr screw thread, coarse ride white color and length 31cm..
2.42€ Ex Tax: 1.95€
mop yarn white film of excellent quality with a special cap to accommodate all types of poles co..
4.84€ Ex Tax: 3.90€
screw mop Italian fine ride weight 250gr color / white thread / thick (image) and fine (..
2.12€ Ex Tax: 1.71€
microfiber mop with excellent results professional wide (14cm) pink, highly absorbent for cleani..
7.26€ Ex Tax: 5.85€
mop white ram close to 11cm thick yarn 300gr..
3.02€ Ex Tax: 2.44€