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Bath acrylic Carron ASCOLI 170x75 Dimension (cm.): 170x75 cm. Manufacturer: Carron Bathrooms ..
1,385.50€ Ex Tax: 1,117.34€
Bath acrylic Carron BALI 120x120 Dimension (cm.): 120x120 cm. Manufacturer: Carron Bathrooms ..
484.50€ Ex Tax: 390.73€
celsius duo bath 200 * 140 carronite bathtub with automatic valve acrylic material with carron..
1,691.50€ Ex Tax: 1,364.11€
Bath acrylic Carron DOVE (L / R) 155x95 Dimension (cm.): 155x95 cm. Manufacturer: Carron Bathr..
446.30€ Ex Tax: 359.92€
HAIKU CRN W / POOL 180x90 Bath with Whirlpool System Whirlpool system, electronic On / Off, 8 jet..
1,751.00€ Ex Tax: 1,412.10€
Bath acrylic Carron HALCYON OVAL 175x80 Dimension (cm.): 175x80 cm. Manufacturer: Carron Bathr..
1,521.50€ Ex Tax: 1,227.02€
Bath acrylic Carron HALCYON SQUARE 175x80 Dimension (cm.): 175x80 cm. Manufacturer: Carron Bat..
1,521.50€ Ex Tax: 1,227.02€
CHARACTERISTICS excellent robustness Stiffness unparalleled insulation Very good sound insulat..
697.00€ Ex Tax: 562.10€
Bath straight Carron acrylic white 170 * 75 capacity 257 lt Made in England 25 years warranty ..
310.30€ Ex Tax: 250.24€
Bath acrylic Carron Quantum Integra Family 170x70 Dimension (cm.): 170x70 cm. Manufacturer: Ca..
476.00€ Ex Tax: 383.87€
Bath acrylic Carron Quantum "S" Family 180x80 Dimension (cm.): 180x80 cm. Manufactur..
518.50€ Ex Tax: 418.15€