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Includes : a set of four pieces of aromatic in the net. long use perfume: lavender, eucaly..
89.00€ Ex Tax: 71.77€
Includes : chromotherapy Led water level sensor control wiring and safety panel ..
455.00€ Ex Tax: 366.94€
disinfection system with chlorine liquid form, suitable for the required cleanliness in the pipin..
356.00€ Ex Tax: 287.10€
disinfection system based on a stable dose of bromine. Disinfection with bromine does not change ..
178.00€ Ex Tax: 143.55€
disinfection system ozone generator is a natural how to clean water and skin, turning oxygen t..
259.00€ Ex Tax: 208.87€
disinfection system with solid chlorine. It is neutral in pH and suitable for all Water hardne..
97.00€ Ex Tax: 78.23€
Hidden Led lighting in apron with controller ..
259.00€ Ex Tax: 208.87€
Includes : white / blue lighting by choice control on / off headlight ..
259.00€ Ex Tax: 208.87€
Includes : 2 chrome speakers control connection box ..
259.00€ Ex Tax: 208.87€
Includes : recycling pump 230v 50Hz, ipx5, skimmer with inox nozzle, pre filter and filter cart..
550.00€ Ex Tax: 443.55€
Electronic whirlpool system with hydro / air massage in chrome with degital control panel,equipped w..
2,268.00€ Ex Tax: 1,829.03€
Digital controller with the water temperature display. Heater 1,5kw or 3kw, depending on the capa..
580.00€ Ex Tax: 467.74€